Day Adventures

This 3-5 hour backcountry snowshoe adventure is designed to give a first-time snowshoer the knowledge they need to begin planning their own snowshoe outings. If you’re unsure whether snowshoeing is for you, if you need more knowledge before setting out on your own, or if you just want to get out on a snowy trail for the first time, then this is your adventure.


Once you sign up we will send you a list of appropriate gear and clothing as well as directions to the trailhead. That way, we can address any questions or concerns you might have regarding gear, etc. before we get to the trail.


Snowshoes are included, or you're welcome to bring your own for some pointers and tips to get started.

Once at the trailhead, you’ll get the chance to learn various techniques and strategies for negotiating flat, hilly, treed, and stream-crossed terrain. Not always an easy task in snowshoes! Your guide will point out winter terrain and weather hazards, help you practice moving over various terrain, explain Leave No Trace principles, discuss navigation and avalanche avoidance, and address any other questions that might come up. Your snowshoe hike will take you through typical northwest forest, with views (weather permitting, of course) of the magnificent surrounding mountains along the way. Ages: 14 years old (with parental permission & must be escorted) and above.

Challenge level: 3.  Cost per person: $100 plus tax - INCLUDES all dedicated gear. Other details.

Group discounts are available. Other custom adventures are available. Please contact us.

Silver Boots Special: Exclusive snowshoe Adventures that are only for folks 55+ years young are available for those who prefer a more mature pace.

There is always a 10% discount for all seniors 55 years wise and more off original prices.

Overnight Snowshoeing Adventures

This Adventure is the pure essence of snowshoeing: Getting out, getting away, & enjoying the outdoors while the crowds stay home. Staying overnight in snow conditions introduces variables, views and experiences on a much more intense level. We will review the day trip Adventure lessons, and will also teach you the best methods to set up camp, cook some great meals, stay safe & warm throughout the night, and practice Leave No Trace principles.

Prerequisite: We include an evening prep class you must attend as a part of our Overnight Snowshoe Adventure. Prior backpacking experience is very helpful but is not required. Participants will be carrying a 30+ pound pack for 4-5 miles over snowy terrain. Ages: 18 years old and above.

Challenge level: 4. Cost per person, $295 plus tax - INCLUDES all dedicated gear, permits, dinner & breakfast (you'll help cook!).
Other details.

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