Mountaineering Introduction & Overnight Adventure
This is an inexpensive way to find out if mountaineering is for you. Except for snacks, clothing and water, we provide all the gear you will need on these overnight trips.


Are you ok in the cold? Want to know how to walk on spikes (crampons), the basics of how to use an ice ax, team arrest and rope management while tied into a 3-4 person line or experience some thrilling views? Then join us for this exhilarating overnight Adventure.

Staying overnight in snowy conditions introduces variables, views and experiences on a much more intense level. In addition to the skills mentioned above, we 
will teach you the best methods to set up camp, cook some great meals, stay safe & warm throughout the night, and practice leave no trace principles.

ges: 16 years old (with parental permission) and above.

Prior backpacking experience and knowledge is very helpful but not required. Participants will be carrying a 40+ pound pack for 5-8 miles over snowy, uneven terrain and will be required to attend a brief prep class.

Challenge level: 5. Cost per person, $395 plus tax - INCLUDES all dedicated gear, permits, dinner & breakfast (you'll help cook!). Other details. 

There is a 10% discount for all seniors 55 years wise and more.

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